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Our wines enrich your life

We do not only provide wine, but likewise propose a lifestyle further enriching the lives of our customers through incorporation of wine into their daily lives. For example, we do not want to be close to our clients only on birthdays and special occasions, we also wish to be present on everyone's table every day.

Representative Director, Kumamoto Wine Farm Co., Ltd.


More than 20 year long path walked together with Kikuka Grape Production Promotion Association.

Founded in 1999. The same year, Kikuka Grape Production Promotion Association was established, and the Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon wine sorts were planted through contract cultivation. At that time, we started with 3 contract farmers, working together with the community on a quest to find the best conditions for viticulture. Difficulties faced by producers with no cultivation experience are immeasurable. In the fourth year we were finally able to harvest the grapes. At that time, we attempted the first ever night harvest in Japan, and produced the Kikuka Night Harvest Chardonnay 2003. At this point, we actively invest all our efforts into improvement of production technology and quality of our grapes in cooperation with 31 producers.
*Night Harvest The main point of the harvest is bringing the grapes from the vineyards without damaging them. With this in mind, lower temperature is the most suitable for harvesting. This is also the time when the grapes’ aroma component is at its finest, an additional positive effect. The following year the wine was awarded with the gold medal at the national competition, bringing fresh reputation to our grape-growing region.

About Grapes

Through contract cultivation conducted by our 31 partners, we engage in the production of world-class wines by implementing an agricultural form closely connected with the local community. Kikuka Town in Yamaga City, northern part of Kumamoto Prefecture, has more than 2,000 hours of sunshine per year. An additional positive element are the night temperatures, a very important factor of grape ripening, which are around 5°C lower in comparison to central Kumamoto Prefecture. The area is located in the hills and is well ventilated, being a basin overall. The surface layer is well drained with a lot of mountain sand, and the soil is a unique combination of brown lowland soil (drainage) and andosol (water-holding) of volcanic ash origin. Our vineyards boast with a mixture of various well-balanced characteristics, importantly contributing to the finalization of particular grapes. Also, since the area receives a lot of rainfall, our vineyards are enveloped within a drainage environment through an introduction of movable rain shields protecting the grapes from damage by disease. Owing to such equipment we are able to cultivate the grapes with a minimum level of pesticides. We control the hygiene conditions and growth of the fruits through cultivation management by implementing foliage from the early flowering stage. Through this kind of canopy-type management we are able to produce healthy grapes and gain additional reputation for our grape-growing region. Furthermore, this region is also a prosperous rice-growing region, known for producing Japan's top-class high-quality rice. The cool air coming from the mountains decisively influences the water quality, which in turn importantly influences grape roots development and quality as well by retaining the temperatures below the ground surface. Grapes that have been grown with the utmost care are hand picked by the producers, who dedicatedly sort one fruit after another.

About Wine

Taste of wine varies greatly depending on the characteristics of the region (weather conditions for each plot, geological features, soil, grape varieties, ripeness, etc.). The final result is also influenced by the modification of pressure applied to the grapes and the fermentation temperature during the winemaking process. In addition, the selection of yeast likewise tends to promote the process. When barrels are used the wood production area also becomes an important element of influence. In order to bring out the condensed fruitiness as well as the refined original potential of grapes to the highest level, the producers works on various ideas intermittently.



We have a wide selection of products from red, white and sparkling wines, and even to rosé and red sparkling wine. Please select the one matching with the occasion.

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